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       Diane Le Montre, Covered California Certified Insurance Agent  Diane Le Montre, Covered California Certified Insurance Agent  Diane Le Montre, Covered California Certified Insurance Agent
"Hello, my name is Diane Le Montre, License # 0D18343, your "Covered California Certified" Health Insurance Specialist
with more than 25 years experience. Let me guide you through the maze of obtaining proper coverage."

Contact me at (760)636-5588 to help you begin the process of obtaining coverage.
My agent services to you are FREE!
California - Affordable - Health Insurance Quotes

It's complicated and people are confused. You can buy in the exchanges, but they cannot advise you or make recommendations -
they can only enroll you.

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I am a Covered California Certified Insurance Agent for California's health insurance exchange with over 25 years experience as a health insurance specialist, independently representing major California insurance companies, including Anthem Blue Cross,
Blue Shield, Health Net, Cigna, and Kaiser.

Offers include affordable, California Individual, Family and Small Business Group Insurance. MEDICARE, MEDICARE ADVANTAGE AND MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT PLANS including PLAN G from Health Net,
Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of CA.
Ask about our available Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans to fit your drug requirements and help pay the costs.


Innovative F Vision Benefits Include:
  • Routine Eye Exam (with dilation as needed) once every 12 months. You pay $25 for this benefit.
  • $100 Eyeglass Frames Allowance toward new frames once every 24 months. You pay any cost over $100.
  • Lenses: (once every 12 months). You pay a $25 copay.
  • $100 allowance for Contact Lenses (in place of eyeglass lenses) once every 12 months. You pay all costs over $100.
Innovative F Hearing Benefits Include:
Using Anthem's Hearing Care Solutions network of providers, this coverage provides an annual hearing exam and hearing aid(s). It also includes a 60-day evaluation period for hearing aids.
Here are the basic hearing benefits:
  • Hearing Exam - Coverage for one routine hearing exam every 12 months.
  • $750 allowance towards Hearing Aids - Includes fitting evaluation for a hearing aid(s).

I am ready to help you choose the most beneficial affordable plan for your personal circumstances that comply with the Affordable Care Act.

Free Advice for the Best Plan...Be a Client, Not a Number!

For example: It is important that you check with your current providers to make sure they will be participating in the Covered California program, and that you will be able to maintain your current physicians and be accepted at your preferred hospital.

If not, another type of plan that your providers belong to may be preferred.
I can help you make that important decision.

Give me a call today: (760)-636-5588, My services are Free, no need to work alone!

Legal residents of California are eligible to buy health care coverage through Covered California.  The Covered California program offers private health plans at good values that cannot be canceled or denied for a pre-existing medical condition or illness.  In addition, those who have not yet turned 26 can now be covered under their parents’ plan.

If you complete the application online at the Covered California website, you will need to fill in my name and license number as shown below on the required page so that I may be listed as your personal Certified Covered California agent in order to assist you on all matters, including plan choices and options for when your physicians and preferred hospital are not shown participating.   
My services continue to be at no additional cost to you whatsoever.

Check the box for Certified Agent at the appropriate location near the end of the application
and enter the following detail where required:

Certified Insurance Agent                                     License Number
  Name:  Diane Le Montree                                         0D18343          

                      Scroll Down, Click Company Logo For Plan Options and Prices                     
Blue Shield California Anthem Blue Cross          Now contracting with Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage
Health Net Insurance Plans

CIGNA Health Insurance, Quote
For Individuals Under 65
Dental Only

Authorized Independent Agent

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance
Do we offer the best prices from these Major Insurers? YES!
Can you buy these health plans cheaper anywhere else?? NO

Should you have any questions, please call me at: (760)-636-5588
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Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements and Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Contact me at (760)636-5588 to help you begin the process of obtaining coverage.

Having had many years experience working for insurance companies as a medical claims examiner, auditor, and Health Insurance Specialist, you can rely on my knowledge and expertise as a professional who has worked both sides of the street.

Therefore, if you already have a health insurance plan in effect, but are having claims problems that you are unable to resolve, I can also offer my services as a health insurance claims specialist at an hourly fee dependent upon the services required.

So don't be just another claim number, be a client!

Should you have any questions, please call me at: (760)-636-5588

Looking for COBRA Alternatives? . 


There are many California health insurance plans and coverage options available. You might have insurance through an employer or you might buy your individual California Health Insurance from  Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield California, Health Net, CIGNA, AETNA for Seniors or Kaiser through
CA Health Insurance Agent . com.  Either way, knowing the basics will help you to get the most out of your health insurance coverage.

Affordable Health Insurance and Products for Individuals and Groups in California

Whether you are a recent graduate, lost your job and paying too much for Cobra, an early retiree —
or perhaps you are just new to buying insurance on your own — we can help. CIGNA Insurance, and others offer many affordable plans for individuals. Our Individual health insurance for
California families and the self-employed are designed to make it easy for you to find and choose the coverage that's right for you and your family.

Self Employed Health Insurance, Dental Health Insurance, Catastrophic Health Insurance are all
readily available

Let us provide you with a Free no obligation California Health Insurance Quote today!

"We offer the BEST Affordable health insurance plans available from Anthem Blue Cross,
Aetna, Blue Shield California, Health Net, CIGNA Dental and Kaiser Permanente of CA."

Please call Diane at (760)-636-5588 with any questions.

Or Click on the Health Insurance company logo of your choice for an Instant Online Quote and Apply Directly into their Underwriting Departments for the Quickest consideration for Approval. Get Individual & Group Health Coverage Quotes from these Major California Health Care Companies."


Call me for plan details and an application form.  (760)-636-5588

Applications may be mailed to:
Diane Le Montre
P.O. Box 1102
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Aetna Health
Aetna Insurance
 Committed to building a better health care system for America. That means getting everyone covered, improving the
quality of care and getting better value for every dollar spent on health care.

We offer California Health Insurance Plans that include Doctor Visits, Hospitalization, Prescription Drugs, Long Term Care, Major Medical, Dental, Vision Care, Medicare Supplements, Business Insurance.
Online insurance Quotes for Family Health Insurance,
Life Insurance and California Group Health Plans

Health insurance premiums are filed with and regulated by the California Department of Insurance. Whether you order through or any other agent, you'll pay exactly the same monthly premium for the same plan. This means that you can enjoy the advantages and convenience of online ordering by purchasing your health insurance plan via along with the availability of personalized service and rest assured that you're getting the best available price.

"My 25 years experience, approving health insurance claims on behalf of several major health insurance companies, working for third party administrators handling the insurance needs for the employees of many large corporations and as a health insurance advocate for individuals is at your service."

"I represent only the finest, most dependable companies in the business. You can reach them directly from this site by clicking on their logo. You will reach my site link with them and if you know the plan you require it can be applied for directly into their underwriting department and I will be your agent of record to contact should issues arise."

"My goal is to help our California clients, individuals, families and small business people obtain the very best coverage at the lowest possible prices. We know from experience working for major insurance companies and individuals acting as personal  “Health Insurance Advocates” exactly how critical responsible coverage is. The cheapest is not always the best and we will explain to you in clear terms exactly why. We only represent the major California health care plans of companies who have contracted with the very best doctors and hospitals."

"The finest compliment I can ever receive is a referral from my friends and customers."


Anthem Blue Cross

Applying Here Online is simple and provides maximum flexibility.  You may begin the application and save it at any point in the process and return later to complete it. 
Once you have completed your application you can come back and check on its
status at anytime.

Let us provide you with a Free no obligation California Health Insurance Quote today!

Discount Dental Plans designed to save you money

Dental Health 

Nationwide Individual and Family Discount Dental Plans

Need a Crown? You can Save Up To Half and your Existing Dentist may even be a provider!
But They Won't Give You The Discounted Price Without The Plan!

• Availability: Nationwide
• Dentists: 131,000
California Rates:
• Individual Plan: $139.95 per Year
• Family Plan: $189.95 per Year

An "Aetna Vital Savings" Orthodontic Discount Program Is also included that could save you thousands if a family member needs braces

Participants simply present their ID card for immediate savings at the time services are rendered.

California Program Summary
Vital Savings by Aetna Dental Discount Program provides participants with average discounts of 15-50% on dental procedures at more than 131,000** available dental locations nationwide through one of the largest dental savings networks, Aetna Dental Access.

It's so easy to use, it will have your whole family smiling!

  • Dentists are credentialed and re credentialed on an ongoing basis.
  • Save on routine dental services such as X-rays and fillings.
  • Save on specialty care such as orthodontics and periodontics where available.
  • Tap into additional savings on vision care - at no additional cost.
  • A $ 20 processing fee will be added during checkout.

Discount plans are discount programs, and are not health insurance policies. Discount plans are designed to provide consumers access to dental networks at reduced rates. Consumers pay a membership fee in exchange for negotiated discounts on most dental services within the participating network of providers and are responsible to pay for all dental care service fees.

We also quote Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Short Term Health Insurance,
Group Health Insurance and Long Term Care

“My knowledge and service is not an added cost to you in any way”



Lack of Insurance Coverage Can Be Hazardous to your financial future.

Apply For Your Health Care Plan RIGHT HERE TODAY!

Click Below to Reach Our Primary Carriers:

Blue Shield California Anthem Blue Cross Health Net Insurance Plans

Not having health insurance coverage can wipe out your bank and savings accounts
while leaving you with nothing but bills to pay

Apply for your Anthem Blue Cross health care plan, Blue Shield, HealthNet of California, or Aetna health insurance policy online right here.  When doing so you are reaching directly into their “Underwriting Department.”
From THIS site you may obtain the most rapid approval possible.

Plan Types

There are several different types of managed-care health insurance plans. These include HMO, PPO, POS & HSA plans. Managed-care plans typically make use of healthcare provider networks. Healthcare providers within a network agree to perform services for managed-care plan patients at pre-negotiated rates and will usually submit the claim to the insurance company for you. In general, you'll have less paperwork and lower out-of-pocket costs with a managed care health insurance plan and a broader choice of healthcare providers with an indemnity plan.

What is a PPO plan? As a member of a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plan, you'll be encouraged to use the insurance company's network of preferred doctors and hospitals. These healthcare providers have been contracted to provide services to the health insurance plan's members at a discounted rate. Typically you won't be required to pick a primary care physician but will be able to see doctors and specialists within the network at your own discretion. You will probably have an annual deductible to pay before the insurance company starts covering your medical bills. You may also have a co-payment for certain services or be required to cover a certain percentage of the total charges for your medical bills. With a PPO plan, services rendered by an out-of-network physician are usually covered at a lower percentage than services rendered by a network physician. What is an HMO plan?
What is an HMO plan? Though there are many variations, HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations) plans as a rule enable members to have lower out-of-pocket healthcare expenses but also offer less flexibility in the choice of physicians or hospital than other health insurance plans. As a member of an HMO, you'll be required to choose a primary care physician (PCP). Your PCP will take care of most of your healthcare needs. Before you can see a specialist, you'll need to obtain a referral from your PCP. With an HMO you'll likely have coverage for a broader range of preventive healthcare services than you would through another type of plan. You may not be required to pay a deductible before coverage starts and your co-payments will likely be minimal. With an HMO plan, you usually won't have to submit any of your own claims to the insurance company. However, keep in mind that you'll likely have no coverage whatsoever for services rendered by non-network providers or for services rendered without a proper referral from your PCP.
What is a POS plan? A POS (Point of Service) plan combines some of the features offered by HMO and PPO plans. As with an HMO, members of a POS plan are required to choose a primary care physician (PCP) from the plan's network of providers. Services rendered by your PCP are most often not subject to a deductible. Also, like HMOs, POS plans typically offer coverage for preventive care visits. Typically, however, you will only receive a higher level of coverage for services rendered or referred by your PCP. Services rendered by a non-network provider may be subject to a deductible and will likely be covered at a lower level. If services are rendered outside of the network, you'll likely have to pay up-front and submit a claim to the insurance company yourself.
What is an HSA? Legislation establishing Health Savings Accounts (or "HSAs") took effect on January 1, 2004. HSAs and HSA-eligible health insurance plans are becoming more and more popular. Here are the basics: ? An HSA is a tax-favored savings account that may be used in conjunction with an HSA-eligible high deductible health insurance plan to pay for qualifying medical expenses. ? Choosing an HSA-eligible health insurance plan may help you save money. As a rule, the monthly premium on an HSA-eligible high deductible plan is less expensive than the monthly premium for a lower-deductible health insurance plan. ? Contributions to an HSA may be made pre-tax, up to certain annual limits. ? Funds in the HSA may be invested at your discretion. Unused funds remain in the account and accrue interest year-to-year, tax-free. Not all high-deductible plans are eligible for use in conjunction with an HSA.
When can I purchase a health insurance plan? You can purchase a health insurance plan for yourself and your family during the Open Enrollment period each year which usually runs from November 1st through January 31st (of the following year). Or anytime during the year if you qualify for a Special Enrollment due to a life changing event like getting married, having a baby, losing your health insurance coverage through your employment, moving to a new state or for other qualifying life events.
Will using this service cost me anything? All the services offered by are provided at no extra cost to you, the consumer. If you buy a health insurance plan via, you'll pay the regular monthly premium to the health insurance company you chose, but you'll pay nothing to us. Our fees are paid by the insurance companies in the form of commissions, which are built into the premium amount.
Do you have the best prices? Health insurance premiums are filed with and regulated by the California Department of Insurance. Whether you order through, directly through an insurance company or another local agent, you'll pay the same monthly premium for the same plan. This means that you can enjoy the advantages and convenience of online ordering by purchasing your health insurance plan via along with the availability of personalized service and rest assured that you're getting the best available price.
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